More Visitors at GIFT, POSTECH, 6th July 2009

Jee Hyun Kang (just returned from Taiwan after working with Professor J. R. Yang) and Professor Sammy Lap Ip Chan (visiting from the University of New South Wales, Australia)

In Gee Kim and Sammy

Sammy, Pedro and Stephane Forsik

Sammy, Hae-Geon Lee, with Janice visiting for the day

Sammy in Hae-Geon's office

On the roof garden

This is a restaurant chosen especially for Stephane

It only serves strictly vegetarian food

Stephane at the beginning of the meal

He liked the food so much he went for 2nd and 3rd helpings

The desert

Stephane, thinking this is much better than French food

Visiting Harry's bicycle

Taiwanese sweet brought back by Jee Hyun

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