Harry in South Africa

Harry is on a short visit to South Africa as a part of a small team reviewing the Centre of Excellence on Strong Solids, on behalf of the South African National Research Council. This is his first visit.

The journey began at 6 a.m. when Harry went by bicycle to his office at POSTECH to recover the camera, then by taxi to Pohang Airport for the flight to Gimpo. From Gimpo to Incheon Airport by a one hour bus ride. Left from Inchoen for Hong Kong at 3 p.m. and then from Hong Kong to Johannesburg at 1145 p.m., to arrive in South Africa at 7 a.m. on the next day.

Getting to Incheon Airport by bus from Gimpo

Steel showing off

Incheon has been voted as the best airport in the world for the fourth year running

Free wireless access

The Mac

Waiting at Incheon to depart for Hong Kong

Arrival in South Africa. Going from the Oliver Tambo Airport to Johannesburg

Pearlitic steel wires supporting this bridge

Some names familiar, partly from their notoriety

A distant view of Johannesburg

New small houses being built

There will be national elections on the 22nd of April. This sign asks people to register

The sign on the left says "Vote ANC" but I could not photograph the full sign because digital cameras are generally slow

This sign is also about voting, but reallly is an advertisement

Jan Smuts was an Afrikaner who first supported the segregation of races but changed his mind in 1948 and hence lost the election in the then South Africa

Arrival at the Guest House (Cotswold gardens)

Simon, who drove me from the airport to the guest house is from Malawi

The garden

This is Innocent, who is the gardner

About 8 a.m. in the morning and blue skies

The breakfast room


Strange single-leaved plants

Professor John Field, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University

Heavy gate

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