SKF-Cambridge University Workshop, 4th of November 2009

The purpose of this workshop was to help Cambridge University appreciate details about bearing steels and associated technologies. There was an introducion to bearing steels by Aidan Kerrigan, steel production technologies by John Beswick, heat-treatment technologies by Marco Burtchen, industrial bearings steels and heat-treatment by Ingemar Strandell, automotive bearing steels and heat-treatment by Johann Volkmuth and Lex Molennaar, superbainite by Harry Bhadeshia and irreversible thermodynamics by Pedro Rivera.

Trinity College

St John's College, where the meeting was held

St John's College, where the meeting was held

Dirac room in the Fisher building


Huang talking to Lex Molennaar

Balnka, talking to Johann Volkmuth

Rachel Hobson and John Beswick

Brian, who videoed all the talks

Andrew Barrow, Aidan Kerrigan, Marco Burtchen and Pedro Rivera

Brina, Pedro and Harry in the Dirac room

Huang and Chris Amey, who is the new technician for the SKF/Cambridge Steel Technology Centre

Rachel met Terry Frost (the artist) when she was 17

Pedro, Ingemar Strandell and the team

Aidan, John and Lex

The dinner: Rachel Hobson and Chris Amey could not attend.

Lex and Andy studying the engineering of the ancient window-opening system

A full moon arranged for the occasion

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