Visit to SKF in Germany, November 2009

Harry Bhadeshia, Pedro Rivera and John Beswick visited the SKF factory in Germany for technical information.

The airport in Nuremburg, Germany

The airport was built on the occasion of the World Cup in football when held in Germany

Waiting for John Beswick and Pedro Rivera to arrive from Holland

The flight from Britain came earlier then expected, but that from Holland was late

John and Pedro arrive. From Nuremburg, John drove us to Schwienfurt. The bearings illustrated below are on display in the Mercure hotel in that city, where there are three major bearing manufacturers.

This is a spherical roller bearing. Roller bearings use cylinders instead of balls and have a greater load bearing capacity because of the greater contact between the rolling element and the rings. A spherical--roller bearing uses barrelled cylinders as the rolling elements, with two sets of rollers enclosed by the rings. This allows the bearing to accommodated a misaligned load.

Free wireless in this French chain of hotels

At breakfast

This is a tapered roller bearing. Taper roller bearings take this concept of increasing contact area further by making the rings and rollers tapered, to increase the contact area, permitting large radial and thrust loads.

Notice that the ring sections are tapered

In a deep groove roller bearing, the spherical balls sit within a somewhat matching groove

The Mercure Hotel

Schwienfurt symbol

The city as viewed from the 12th floor of the SKF laboratory in Germany

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