Thermec 2009 Conference, Berlin

Professors Duggan and Howe

Professor Toshihiko Koseki, Tokyo University, in the middle

Sorian, Carlos Capdevila, Thomas Sourmail, Hung-Wei Yen and J. R. Yang

Suresh Babu giving his talk

In Gee Kim talked more about philosophy than cementite

All of these have PT Group pedigree

Eves Brechet, Michel, Esa, Francisca and Pedro

Lucky number at our dinner table

Francisca and Vicky Yardley

Yan Pei and Thomas Sourmail

The DeArdo and Kwon families

Professor Wu Kaiming and his family, and Harry

Mathew and Thomas

Harry and Hidetoshi Fujii

Tara Chandra, distributing the concert tickets

Ernst Kozeschnik

concert ticket

Suresh, Francisca and Wu Kaiming

Suresh Babu

Yan Pei and Mathew Peet

Hiroshi Matsuda and his students

Hiroshi Matsuda, Mayuni Osijma and Osamu Umizawa. Hiroshi and Osamu were in Cambridge University

Vicky Yardley

Yasuhiro Yogo, Toyota Central R&D Laboratories

Hugh McQueen

Jennifer and David Edmonds

The gang from the Naval Research Laboratories, and Professor Putatunda on the right


Tara Chandra and Yan Pei

Hiroshi and Elena Pereloma

Yoshiyuki Saito

Bumped into David Matlock

Young-Kook Lee (Yonsei University), Kyung-Tae Park (Hanbat National University)

A wasteful way of delivering an ambulance

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Residual stress Fine grains Allotriomorphic ferrite Hot-strength Intervention
δ-TRIP Metallography Texture review Topology Retained Austenite

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