The First GIFT-WCU Workshop

The workshop is a part of a series of five year "World Class University" research programmes funded by the Korean Government to conduct leading research with international collaboration. This particular workshop and five year project is for basic research on steels.

Kyooyoung Lee, Jang-Sang Kim (both from POSLAB), Jae-Sang Lee, Han Soo Kim and Yang Mo Koo (POSTECH)

Bruno de Cooman on the left

In Gee Kim (POSTECH), Young-Kook Lee (Yonsei University), Kyung-Tae Park (Hanbat National University), Se Kyun Kwon (POSTECH) and Frederik Barlat (POSTECH) with his hands in the air

Nack-Joon Kim from POSTECH

The meeting was held in the Paradise Hotel at Busan

Piano and Saxaphone

Professor Koo speaking at the dinner

The hotel is located at a popular beach resort, but the day was rainy so the beaches only had dedicated surfers

Stopped over at the Tang Dosa temple on the way back to GIFT

Notice the use of iron fixtures

This is the basement of the GIFT building, full of power and facilities that quietly keep the place in order

Synchrotron Mathematical Models Bake hardening Nuclear Irradiation
Residual stress Fine grains Allotriomorphic ferrite Hot-strength Intervention
δ-TRIP Metallography Texture review Topology Retained Austenite

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