February and March Events at CML

CML stands for the Computational Metallurgy Laboratory of the Graduate Institute for Ferrous Technology, POSTECH, Republic of Korea

Dinner after group meeting

The team - Kim Dae Woo is missing.

Kim Dae Woo is in Spain at CENIM, working with Carlos Capdevila

Professor Wu Kaiming arrives at GIFT, and meets Sangeeta Khare

Professors Wu Kaiming and Rongshan Qin, beautiful spring day

With Professor Seon Hyo Kim of Materials Science

At the Jigok Community Centre

Notice the anisotropic form of the disturbance caused by the fountain

The Tae Joon Park Library

The cafe in the library

In Professor Wu Kaiming's office at GIFT

At Yo San Je restaurant

With Professor In Gee Kim

Synchrotron Mathematical Models Bake hardening Nuclear Irradiation
Residual stress Fine grains Allotriomorphic ferrite Hot-strength Intervention
δ-TRIP Metallography Texture review Topology Retained Austenite

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