New GIFT Building Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony for the new Graduate Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy building at POSTECH was held on the 30th of June 2009. A breathtaking achievement since the Institute was conceived in late 2005. There is now no excuse for not achieving the best research in steels.

Tony DeArdo in Harry's new office

Waiting at the lift

On the roof garden

Roof garden

Looking down at the blast furnace from the fifth floor

The lifts

Tony, in a pensive mood

The wonderful auditorium designed by Professor Sung Mo Jung

This is where the opening ceremony of the new building began

The blast furnace, looking towards the top from the ground floor

Professor Sung Mo Jung in Harry's new office, which itself was made ergonomic by Sung Mo

Peter Hayes (University of Queensland), Bart Blanplain (University of Leuven), Hae Geon and Emeritus Professor Henri Gaye socialising in Harry's new office

....later to be joined by In Gee and Rongshan

The blast furnace and anvil from the outside

full of admiration for the new building

In the library

John Speer (Colorado School of MInes) and Bruno de Cooman in the library

The formal opening ceremony began on Tuesday

Pedro Eduardo Jose Rivera diaz del Castillo (Delft University)

Philosopher Professor J. R. Yang (National Taiwan University)

Professor Rob Boom (Corus-Tata)

Henri talking to the Head of the Korean Institute for Welding

Yang and Han Soo Kim

Michale Ray, Raghavan Ayer, Hyun Woo Jin and Brian Newbury, all from ExxonMobil

Harry with Brian Newbury

Raghavan with Pedro at dinner

The French (Henri and Professor Barlat)

The ceremony in progress, just before the room got filled

Professor Devesh Misra (Louisiana University)

Hae Geon giving his overview

Awards to the magnificent architects

Awards to the construction company

Professor Seetharaman (Carneigie Mellon University) on the left and Professor Scheller (Technical University of Freiberg) on his side

The best looking crowd at the ceremony

Good friends from Seoul National University and POSTECH

In the CML Supercomputer room

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