Much Ado about Plenty

CML Ninja Warrior?

Beautiful day in Pohang

Professor Hu Chul Lee and Dong Woo Suh

Guohong Zhang and Dong Woo Suh at Pizza Hut

Min Jung Kim and Bruno de Cooman in Harry's office

Harry's lunch on New Year's day

Beautifully packed

Quite sophisticated and tasty

Do not park your bicycles here or they will be taken away, crushed, and recycled as ugly, polluting cars

Skype with Arijit Saha Podder in Cambridge, Harry in Pohang. The guy in the little picture is Harry

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Uphill diffusion Tiny Dissilmilar friction stir welds Polish Academy Retained Austenite

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Satoh Fields Piping Seamless Poles
Neural Networks Creep Extraordinary ductility Problems Low temperatures

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