May Ball, Graduate Seminars, Lars-Erik Svensson, SKF

Lucy with an appropriate safety notice, somewhere at a May Ball in Cambridge

Fairy lights at Peterhouse Ball

James and Lucy were both at Peterhouse May Ball so they met up for coffee at 3 am.

James and Lucy plus a friend.

Lucy with some friends. You have to spend a long time queueing to be let in.

Queueing for the ball.

Clare College entrance

A safety notice at Clare Ball. The theme was The Divine Comedy.

A view from Clare Bridge

Clare Bridge at night.

Early morning punting.

Very thorough safety precautions.

Graduate seminars, bursting at the seams

5 minute lectures given by each researcher

Won, Hee-ryong a member of the South Korean National Assembly for 12 years. Here at lunch in Darwin College, with John Swenson-Wright on the right.

Peter, the Darwin College Chef

This is Gothenburg, Sweden, where Harry went for a meeting with Professor Lars-Erik Svennson in the morning, and SKF in the afternoon

Gothenburg is a major port for sea-going ferries

Gothenburg is a major port for sea-going ferries

Gothenburg is a major port for sea-going ferries

Beautiful day

This is the "iron square" where in the old days the area served as a massive weigh-bridge

Lars-Erik Svensson and Harry have worked together for almost exactly 30 years

Represents the nations of the world

Bicycles for borrowing

A vegetarian restaurant for lunch

This is a fish market (often referred to as the fish churc)

The 28+ restuarant with minimalist food.

Microscopic chocolates

Hydrogen Fine pearlite Induction welding Bearings Complete theory
X80 steel Ternary pearlite Divorced pearlite Cementite dissolution Low density steel
FSW tools Stabilisation Bearing steel HCP martensite Atomic displacements

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