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Materials Science and Technology

Editorial meeting in London for the best metallurgical journal in the world (MST)

London bus, Londoner and jubillee banners

Romance in the Gatsby era

Towards the Institute of Materials

John Knott recieves a cup for ten years as editor of MST

Philippa Reed in the background, from Southampton University

Andy Horswell (Technical University of Denmark), Arunansu Haldar (Tata Steel) and Rongshan Qin (Imperial College)

Samsung in Picadilly Circus

The tube station

Indian drums (tabala)

Hydrogen TWIP Nuclear growth Maraging steel Bearings Bainitic powder
Duplex steel Tetragonal ferrite Bainitic powder Severe tempering Misorientation
Hydrogen TRIP Broken bainite Bearing steel HCP martensite Mn TRIP

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