Cambridge University

Steel Science 2013, South Korea

You Young Song won the best poster award. Photographs courtesy of Dong Woo Suh and You Young.

Seung Woo Seo with his poster

… made of cloth

Eunju Song on hydrogen desorption

You Young Song, on nanofluid, won the best poster award

Eunju again - the photographer has attempted to make a soft impression by taking this picture out of focus

Jee Yong Lee in the middle, concentrating on his telephone, with the married Guensu on the left, looking very smart

Interesting - a rare picture where Seo is awake?

Soon Young Jun (left), Eunju and You Young

Van Tuan Duong (left) Guensu and In Jeong Kim

On the right is Hong Yeob Lee

The cloth posters being positioned

More fun and games

The person working on desorption is hiding, Seo has turned modest, and You Young has converted her prize-winning poster into a shawl. Where is Jun's poster?

Eunju diffuses to the surface

The team. Congratulations to You Young!


Hydrogen TWIP Nuclear growth Maraging steel Bearings Bainitic powder
Duplex steel Tetragonal ferrite Bainitic powder Severe tempering Misorientation
Hydrogen TRIP Broken bainite Bearing steel HCP martensite Mn TRIP

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