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MAP_STEEL_VOLUME_WEAR_LOSS PROGRAM: Sliding wear loss in pin-on-disc tests.
MAP_DATA_THERMAL10 PROGRAM: Provides data on thermal conductivity in steel. The authors used the data to create a neural network model of the thermal conductivity in steel.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFUSIONLESS_DRIVING_FORCE PROGRAM: Calculates the molar free energy of an alloy as both austenite and ferrite and to calculate the molar driving force for the transformation of the former to the latter. This program must be used with MTDATA.
MAP_STEEL_FLOW PROGRAM: Simulates the contribution to room temperature, static yield strength of the Peierls stress, substitutional and interstitial solid solution strengthening, precipitate-related strengthening, grain size strengthening and work hardening. It then predicts the evolution of yield stress for a given strain rate (i.e. the flow stress) at a specified temperature.
MAP_STEEL_FATIGUE_LIFE_PREDICTOR PROGRAM: Fatigue Life Predictor for Steels (FLiPS) - uses an artificial neural network to predice the fatigue life for steels, based on their mechanical properties and test conditions.
MAP_STEEL_DROPCOOL PROGRAM: This program simulates the rapid cooling of iron alloys from the molten state and calculates the amount of austenite and ferrite during cooling. It also calculates the temperature as a function of time, which may be used for separate solid-state transformation modelling.
MAP_STEEL_MS_EMPIRICAL_2014 PROGRAM: Simple program in C which implements empirical equations for martensite start temperature, and then calculates the average and standard deviation of the best 9 models (Committee model).
MAP_STEEL_HOT_STRENGTH2 PROGRAM: For the estimation of flow stress as function of chemical composition, strain rate, temperature and strain.
MAP_STEEL_ROLLING_CONTACT PROGRAM: To calculate the distribution of forces and stresses during rolling contact of to rigid, parallel and flat cylinders assuming Hertzian contact between the mating surfaces under various conditions of slip. To estimate the magnitude and distribution of normal and tangential forces acting over the Hertzian contact half-width and subsequently calculates the tangential, normal and shear stresses under plane strain condition. A range of stress distribution from perfect rolling to perfect sliding between mating cylinders can be calculated.
MAP_STEEL_HYDROGEN PROGRAM: Simulation of the thermal desorption spectrum of hydrogen in ferrite, acconting for both diffusion and trapping phenomena.
MAP_STEEL_FERRITIC_HOT PROGRAM: Calculation of the tensile properties of creep resistant ferritic steels.
MAP_STEEL_RANDOM_ORIENTATION PROGRAM: Consider a polycrystalline material containing a random distribution of 10,000 grains, each with a cubic lattice. This program permits the calculation of the fraction of grains which have a specific orientation relative to an external frame of reference.
MAP_NEURAL_FSW PROGRAM: Friction stir welding: process maps
MAP_STEEL_MUCG46B PROGRAM:MUCG46 modified to account for elastic and plastic strain, and grain refinement, on the martensite-start temperature.
MAP_STEEL_PEARLITE PROGRAM:A complete theory for pearlite growth in binary steel.
MAP_STEEL_ANDROID_MS PROGRAM:An Android APP that allows you to use your mobile telephone or tablet to calculate the martensite (α' and ε) and bainite-start temperatures, Ae1 and Ae3 temperatures of low alloy steels containing Mn, Si, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu, V, Nb, W, Co and C.
MAP_NEURAL_EPSILON_MS PROGRAM:Prediction of the austenite to epsilon martensite-start temperature.
MAP_TTTtoCCTlinear PROGRAM:Converts an input TTT (time-temperature-transformation) curve into a CCT (continuous-cooling-transformation) curve using Scheil's additive reaction rule, assuming a constant cooling rate.
MAP_STEEL_BORON PROGRAM:Claculation of soluble boron concentration in steels containing aluminium, nitrogen and titanium.
MAP_STEEL_ELONGATION_IRRADIATED PROGRAM:Allows prediction of the elongation of irradiated steels, as a function of the chemical composition, heat treatment and irradiation and test parameters.
MAP_STEEL_TOPOLOGY2 PROGRAM:Calculates the changes in grain boundary area and grain edge length per unit volume, for a non-uniform distribution of space-filling grains, as a function of arbitrary homogeneous deformations.
MAP_STEEL_FERRITE_TEXTURE PROGRAM:Calculates probability of an allotriomorph of ferrite which nucleates at an austenite grain boundary having a good-fit orientation relationship with both of the adjacent austenite grain, and the resulting crystallographic texture.
MAP_STEEL_HOTROLLED_UTS PROGRAM:To calculate the domain of steels and processing which can lead to the same ultimate tensile strength in hot-rolled steels.
MAP_STEEL_HOTROLLED_EL PROGRAM:To calculate the domain of steels and processing which can lead to the same elongation in hot-rolled steels.
MAP_STEEL_HOTROLLED_UTS_EL PROGRAM:To calculate the domain of steels and processing which can lead to the same combination of ultimate tensile strength and elongation in hot-rolled steels.
MAP_AL_HARDNESS PROGRAM:To predict the hardness of 356 and 319 Al cast alloys as a function of chemical composition and heat treatment (artificial aging T6).
MAP_AL_ELONGATION PROGRAM:Elongation of wrought aluminium alloys as a function of composition, tempering and service temperature.
MAP_AL_YS PROGRAM:Yield strength of wrought aluminium alloys as a function of composition, tempering and service temperature.
MAP_AL_TS PROGRAM:Ultimate tensile strength of wrought aluminium alloys as a function of composition, tempering and service temperature.
MAP_STEEL_THERMAL PROGRAM:Model for thermal conductivity of steel.
MAP_DATA_THERMAL DATA:Thermal conductivity data for steel.
MAP_STEEL_BAKE_HARDENING PROGRAM:To estimate the bake hardening tendency in low-carbon steels as a function of chemical composition and processing.
MAP_STEEL_TWIP PROGRAM:A program for the calculation of texture change due to twinning and true strain from twinning, as a function of twinning volume fraction, texture type and its intensity.
MAP_STEEL_TRIP PROGRAM:To predict the carbon content in retained austenite and volume fraction of retained austenite in cold-rolled TRIP-assisted steel as a function of the chemical composition and the heat treatment parameters.
MAP_STEEL_IRRADIATED_CHARPY PROGRAM:To estimate the change in ductile-to-brittle transition temperature under Charpy testing of irradiated reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel as a function of irradiation conditions.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_FERRITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings due to stress-induced transformation of polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_DIFFRACT_AUSTENITE PROGRAM:Calculation of Debye X-ray diffraction rings for polycrystalline austenite. The sample may be textured.
MAP_STEEL_TRANS_PLASTICITY PROGRAM:Calculation of transformation strain and crystallographic orientation of the 24 variants of martensite or bainite that form in a singel grain of austenite in an arbitrary orientation.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE3 PROGRAM:Calculation of habit plane, shape deformation and orientation relationship between austenite and martensite or bainite, as a function of the correspondence matrix and the lattice invariant deformation.
MAP_STEEL_TEXTURE2 PROGRAM:To produce a non-random, crystallographically textured distribution of austenite grains.
MAP_STEEL_HOT_STRENGTH PROGRAM:0.2 percent proof strength of creep-resistant ferritic steels as a function of temperature, chemical composition and heat treatment.