Cranes on the GIFT/POSTECH Campus, July 2006

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

A huge collection of Cranes nest on the POSTECH campus, in a sanctuary containing lots of bamboo. It is believed that they migrate from Siberia to nest here.

DSCN0006.jpg DSCN0022.jpg DSCN0007.jpg
DSCN0008.jpg DSCN0009.jpg DSCN0010.jpg
DSCN0011.jpg DSCN0012.jpg DSCN0013.jpg
DSCN0014.jpg DSCN0015.jpg DSCN0016.jpg
DSCN0017.jpg DSCN0018.jpg DSCN0019.jpg
DSCN0020.jpg DSCN0021.jpg DSCN0023.jpg
DSCN0024.jpg DSCN0025.jpg DSCN0027.jpg
DSCN0004.jpg DSCN0026.jpg DSCN0005.jpg

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