Deformation of Indium by Mechanical Twinning

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and M. Peet

We illustrate here the high-pitched "cry" emitted by indium when it undergoes plastic deformation by mechanical twinning. Tin exhibits a similar phenomenon. You can listen to the cry on the sound-files listed below.

A piece of pure indium.
Tetragonal I
Indium has a tetragonal-I crystal structure, space group I4/mmm. It melts at 429.75 K.
The indium being deformed.
The indium being deformed.

Cry of Indium, MP3, 5 s
Cry of Indium, WAV, 5 s
Cry of Indium, MP3, 30 s
Cry of Indium, WAV, 30 s
Movie of deformation, AVI

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