The Final Hours of 2008: Nobuhiro Fujita and Family Visit

Dr Nobuhiro Fujita, his wife Hiromi and duaghters Miku, Sayo and Kana decided to come over from Japan for a holiday in Cambridge, on December the 31st. A lot of memories, a nice meal and a few stories to tell.

Nobuhiro, Hiromi and daughters Miku, Sayo and Kana come on holiday to Cambridge on the 31st of December 2008

Darwin College (Nobu's College) in the background. Nobu qualified with a Ph.D. in 2000.

At the Bella Italian

The Mill Pond

In Darwin College

In Darwin College, the Bar

In Darwin College, the Bar

In Darwin College, the Common Room

On the Bridge connecting to the first Darwin Island

The Double Tree Hotel in the background, where the Fujitas were staying

A seasonal view of Darwin

On the bridge to the second Darwin Island

Nobu used to live in the Old Granary

A visit to the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Science

In Harry's office

A sight of Nobu's Ph.D. thesis

At the Thermecmaster

The Jeol microscope

Harry's new year present

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