PT Group on the High Seas

Photographs courtesy of Hala Salman Hasan.

scf2665 scf2667
scf2668 scf2669
scf2670 scf2671
scf2680 scf2681
scf2684 scf2685
scf2691 scf2694
scf2698 scf2699
scf2700 scf2704
scf2705 scf2707
scf2708 scf2709
scf2710 scf2711
scf2712 scf2714
scf2717 scf2718
scf2720 scf2721
scf2724 scf2726
scf2755 scf2758
scf2765 scf2766
scf2767 scf2768
scf2770 scf2771
scf2773 scf2774
scf2777 scf2779

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