Eunju Song arrives in Cambridge

Lucy Fielding, Steven Ooi, Aseel Hamdeny, Eunju Song

.. Tomohiko Hojo, Ashwin Pandit

... David Bombac and John Garnham

...and Harry, at morning coffee

Yan Pei arrived late

Discovery of the electron

At Darwin College

Darwin grapes

Darwin green figs

River Cam on the left

Tea after lunch and a lecture on 'Fantastic Plastics', in the parlour at Darwin College

Eunju with Noel Hommdieu, an International Lawyer

Bright sunshine

Darwin College, lush green, the river and the island

Towards the Old Cavendish

Superalloys Titanium Bainite Martensite Widmanstätten ferrite
Tiny bainite Mo, B Si and Mn in M3C Seamless Stainless weld
Neural Networks Creep Mechanicallly Alloyed Theses Retained Austenite

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