Materials Science Initiative, Chalmers University

Arrival at the Gothenburg City Airport

Met by Lars-Erik Svensson, a Professor at Hogskolan Vast (University West), and Adjunct Professor of Physics at Chalmers University

This is Lars' new Volvo car

Arrival at Chalmers University

The tram service

Colleagues from Udeholm

On the left is Professor Hans-Olof Andren of the Applied Physics Department, Chalmers University.

A delicious lunch at the Persian Palace

Beautiful foliage

Seasonal colour changes

Gothenburg is an elegant city

Chalmers University

Chalmers University. Sweden has a large wood and cellulose industry

.... and bicycles

Chalmers University and Gothenburg University share some facilities and collaborate in research

From 4 p.m. onwards, Harry was at a meeting with another set of people, at the house where Chalmers himself lived

William Chalmers lived here

This and the next photograph represents the members of the Advisory Board of a new materials science initiative at Chalmers University

Chalmers has obtained perpetual funding to establish an interdisciplinary activity entitled "Materials for Tomorrow"

The day after the Board meeting was a conference, with five presentations of research by external members of the Advisory Board, followed in the afternoon by presentations from the group leaders of the Initiative

Professor Kirster Holmberg introduces Harry. He is the Director of the new initiative

The next talk, on very small gold particles was by Professor Marie-Paule Pileni of the Pierre and Marie Curie University in France

Coffee break

Professor Borje Johansson of the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden then explained the importance of first principles calculations.

Professor Helmuth Mohwald of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces then described thin films and capsules

This is James Kirkpatrick, giving the final in the series of lectures by the External Members of the Scientific Advisory Board. He explained repair mechanisms in the body

A doodle, which was there before the current proceedings began, presumably by a confused member of the audience.

Kasper Moth-Poulsen is a new Assistant Professor at Chalmers, beginning January, who will work on single electron electronics using molecular transistors

This is Fredrik Hook, who works on biological sensors

Anders Palmqvist gave a nice talk on thermoelectric materials based on revelations from fundamental physics

A poster on polycrystalline cubic boron nitride

Mikael Rigdahl talked about making polymers from cellulose

Sten Eriksson has participated in the creation of the best spallation source at ISIS

Goran wahnstrom finished by giving a wonderful example how a combination of first principles, thermodynamics and insight can lead to a complete story, from science to technology

Superalloys Titanium Bainite Martensite Widmanstätten ferrite
Tiny bainite Mo, B Si and Mn in M3C Seamless Stainless weld
Neural Networks Creep Mechanicallly Alloyed Theses Retained Austenite

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