Professor Pravash Chakraborti and Seung-Woo Seo

Professor Chakraborti visited Cambridge University during a business trip to the U.K., from Jadavpur University in India. At the same time Seo gave a nice talk on kappa-carbide before his departure back to GIFT in Korea.

Professor Parvash Chandra Chakraborti, from Jadavpur University visits. Professor Tomohiko Hojo on the right.

Seung Woo Seo

Yan Pei, Ashwin Pandit, Seo, Parvash, Tomohiko and John Garnham

.... and David Bombac

Seminar given by Seo

Seo's perfect computer

Superalloys Titanium Bainite Martensite Widmanstätten ferrite
Tiny bainite Mo, B Si and Mn in M3C Seamless Stainless weld
Neural Networks Creep Mechanicallly Alloyed Theses Retained Austenite

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