Second Tata-Academia Strategic Meeting, 27th September 2010

The meeting was held at Tata Steel Europe in Port Talbot. This is the second such meeting, the first was held in July.

At London Paddington station, waiting for the train towards Swansea

Steel in Paddington station

Andy Howe and Debasish Bhattacharjee

Rongshan Qin (Imperial College)

Rachel Thomson (Loughborough University) and David Penny (Swansea University)

The name 'Corus" changed on the 27th of September to Tata Steel Europe

Richard Thacray (Sheffield University), Rachel Thomson and Martin Strangwood (Birmingham University)

Port Talbot Rail Station

Port Talbot Rail Station

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Tiny bainite Mo, B Si and Mn in M3C Seamless Stainless weld
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