November November

Connection lost

Code breaking on the Samsung Galaxy S

Seminar by Aseel Al-Hamdany

Seminar by Aseel Al-Hamdany. Steve Ooi and Yan Pei

Eunju Song and David Bombac

Ashwin Pandit

Left over buiscuits from previous meeting

Yan Pei chairs the session

Amir joined the meeting late and then talked about elephants


A new day. And a visit by the Global Head of Research at Tata Steel. This is the lunch that Debashish Bhattacharjee had at Darwin College, with one lettuce leaf for health

Ashwin, Arijit, Harry and Debashih discussed steels

Harry with Debashih. Arijit is a slow photographer and has to take three images to be sure.

Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd, a philosopher, joined us for lunch

Beautiful day

Idea for a new carburising profile

A meerkat attended Harry's lecture on Friday the 12th of November

It belongs to his friend and regularly attends lectures in Cambridge University

Aseel brings chocolates to celebrate her return to Iraq

And we all ate them

Mathew and his shirt

And a smile

Superalloys Titanium Bainite Martensite Widmanstätten ferrite
Tiny bainite Mo, B Si and Mn in M3C Seamless Stainless weld
Neural Networks Creep Mechanicallly Alloyed Theses Retained Austenite

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