Phase Diagrams for Nickel Based Superalloys

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

These phase diagrams are for the nickel - aluminium - titanium system and have been calculated using MTDATA by Colin Small of Rolls-Royce using proprietary thermodynamic data.

More information on nickel based superalloys.

NiAlTi.phase.diagram1_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram10_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram2_1
NiAlTi.phase.diagram3_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram4_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram5_1
NiAlTi.phase.diagram6_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram7_1 NiAlTi.phase.diagram8_1

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