University of Cambridge

Group Photographs


Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Association.

Random, space-filling, tiling.

Steel mesh to regenerate coral reef,as described in Steels

Rail Live exhibition.

Sangeeta Khare visits Cambridge after an absence of 14 years.

Pictures of steel.

Computational Metallurgy Laboratory reunion in Pohang, GIFT POSTECH, South Korea.

Life Scientific podcast.

Saurabh Kundu visits Japan.

Norwich 60 mile bike ride.

Rajdeep Mondal conducts experiments with Steve Ooi's help.

Dr Apparao Chintha promoted to Principal Scientist.

Dr Paul Shelley, Molycop, visits.

Wilberth Solano visits Cambridge.

Kazutoshi Ichikawa and colleagues win major award.

Adventures of PT Group Members (and others).

A combined age of 280 years. A reunion of literally old friends.

Professor Zuo visits.

Trinity College (Cambridge) Science Society.

Dongwoo Suh becomes Dean of GIFT, POSTECH.

Adventures in Udine, courtesy of Fabio Miani.

Rajdeep Mondal arrives at QMUL

Harry at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

New book on steels


Visit to China Steel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Sites in Taipei, Taiwan, and the twisting building

Harry at the National Taiwan University

New high-resolution images of Taipei 101, Taiwan


Harry's induction at Indian National Science Academy

Visitors from Sichuan University

Royal Society and Indian National Science Academy, Yusuf Hamied Workshop

Visitors from Nippon Steel and Daido Steel, Japan

Tungsten mine in Cornwall

Steve Ooi, Adreil Wong, Namaste, Squash, Harry

Future Metallurgy

Harry visits Imperial College, London

Guests at the Darwin College lectures

Interesting pictures

Harry's inaugural lecture at Queen Mary University of London


Snow, Saurabh, Sophie, Daniel and Harry

Example of bearing failure

Henrique Boschetti Preiria from the University of Sao Paulo

Professor Wenwen Song visits Harry at Queen Mary University of London

Various encounters across countries

Moving points on rails

New X-ray equipment for teaching

Illustration of mixing

Harry and Colin Humphreys at the International Metallography Society meeting in New Orleans

Rian and Antoinette Dippenaar revisit Cambridge

Mosque and airfield, Cambridge and Toft, respectively

Baking hot, bicycles, additive manufacturing, Russia, Malaysia, Queen Mary University of London

Harry at the Dreamachine

John Wilcox, Thomas Sourmail, Chinnapat Panwisawas, Tomihoko Hojo

Harry in Boston, Massachusetts

Events and encounters

Minerals in Zurich

Storm Eunice

Oral histories

Events recorded


Harry's retirement party, Darwin College

Dominik Dziedzic, Steve Ooi, Harry Bhadeshia, bike ride

100 years of books

Professor Kazutoshi Ichikawa wins awards


Old building, New Museums Site.

More lockdown events.

Comberton to Toft walk during lockdown.

Jean Pomfrett assembles hydraulic claw.


Kazutoshi Ichikawa wins major award.

December in Cambridge.

Harry's 67th Birthday

Diwali in Cambridge.

Apparao Chintha, Prasad Kopparthi and Gopi Krishna Chejarla, on adventures again.

Apparao Chintha, Prasad Kopparthi and Gopi Krishna Chejarla, go cycling again, early October

Apparao Chintha, Prasad Kopparthi and Gopi Krishna Chejarla, go cycling, early October

Events during late August

Events during early August

Cycling , but not entirely

Art, by two artists

Still in lockdown

Cake crystallography

May 2020, 52 days of lockdown

Hard impingement: a cookie experiment to demonstrate morphological evolution, May 2020

Photographs of Cambridge during lockdown, April 2020

Bicycle ride to St Ives, 24th March 2020

Johan Westraadt, Andy Howe, Christian

Steve Ooi visits Japan

Daniel Gaude Fugarolis, Steven Feng, Sivasambu Bohm, Amir Shirzadi, Guo Lei, Andrzej Bugajski + vegan food

First pictures of 2020


Data- centric engineering and Greg Olson

Harry's 66th birthday

Gebril' s examination and the 150th anniversary of the Iron and Steel Institute

Zixin Huang after her Ph.D. examination

Harry at the Norwegian Research Council

Nippon Steel Corporation and Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

John Ray Lecture, St Catherine's College

At NUST MISIS, Moscow, September 2019

2019 Wuhan Forum on Materials Frontiers

40th Risø International Symposium

Bartek Glowacki, Steve Ooi, Hung-Wei Yen

Helena and Gebril get married.

Hongliang Yi, Steve Ooi, Apparao Chintha, Kazutoshi Ichikawa, Kazuki Inujima, sweetcorn, Taipei 101, Steels book

Peter Girling learns to forge iron.

Steel, bus stop, lift, and flowers.

Kouichi Murakami visits after 30 years.

At the Tata Steel Laboratories in Jamshedpur, India, June 2019.

CBMM meeting in Cambridge.

100 mile bicycle ride.

Visitors from Russia, USA and China

Meeting with Professor Zhinan Yang from Yanshan University

Harry at the Benxi Water Caves, China

Harry at the Institute of Metals Research, Shenyang, China

Harry at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Graeme Mitchison memorial meeting

Munish Sudan visits from Tata Steel India

Tatsuya Otsuki visits from University of Tokyo

Baby daughter, Hee Young and Jae Hoon Jang (and steel)

Chocolates from Mexico, and visitors from Mehran University

Satish visits Nairobi, Kenya

Squash championships 2019

Harry in Moscow, February

Symposium on ferrous metallurgy

Mohammed Alshahrani visits Zanzibar

Crystallography, Horses, Amir, Aviation

Random pictures


Apparo wins two awards.

Harry is now old

ICAS 2018, Jeju, South Korea

Harry in Kalilingrad, late October 2018

Harry in Moscow, Russian Federation, early October 2018

Harry in Oslo, Norway

Professor Zhinan Yang leaves Cambridge.

Failed Suffolk bike ride

Harry in Jamshedpur, India, September 2018

Pachacamac, Peru

Welding and Joining Conference, Peru

Harry in Machu Picchu, Peru

Farnborough Air Show

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Apparao Chintha at AIST

Konark Sun Temple

UK-China Steel meeting

London-Cambridge bike ride, 1st July 2018

World cup

Hydrogen embrittlement workshop in Austria (HyResMat)

Norwich 100 mile bike ride

Startup Village, Skolkovo, Moscow

Paintball shooting expedition

Double rainbow in Cambridge

Sourabh Chatterjee, Spring, Iraq, Birmingham University

Random pictures

Decorative and functional steels in Lincolnshire

Lulea University of Technology, March 2018

Harry in St Petersburg, March 2018

Harry in Moscow, March 2018

Arunim Ray and Wilberth Solano Alvarez in a mine

Asia Steel 2018 and Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, February 2018

Fatigue cracked fuselage of Comet 2 jet aircraft

Suresh Babu, tensile specimens, nuts from Libya, nibbles from China

Machine learning in Birmingham

Jee Hyun and Illhwan get married

Bicycle race

Themecmastor flood, Pu Shengda, Girish Nivarti

Steel at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Stainless steel aeroplane


Pink rhodonite

Steve Ooi, Hala Salman Hasan, Andy Howe, Greg Olson, Impact factor

Joo Hyun Ryu reports on the GIGA steel

Danyi Lou to be married.

Daniel, Bedouin, Titan, Kundu and South Africa

Bits and pieces from Bob Waugh's atom-probe collection

Snow, mountains, Switzerland, Snowflake, EBSD cake

Harry in South Africa

Professor Hae-Geon Lee following retirement

Chia Hooi Too and Don Ri Yuen visit after 15 years

YouTube for Michaelmas

Hector Pous Romero getting old.

Apparao in Finland, Tempere University of Technology

Cycling in the cold

Chris Hulme-Smith's leaving party

View from the "Shard"

Fellowship of the Korean Society of Microscopy: awarded to Professor Jer Ren Yang

Stan David and Tarashankar DebRoy

Membre d'Honneur

Magic of crystals

Multiple events

8th meeting of ISAC, NUST-MISIS, Moscow, Russian Federation

Cambridge to Norwich bicycle ride

Harry at Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Harry at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Nobel Laureate

Crystals, polycrystals, and phase transformations - the book

70th anniversary of freedom for India and its fragmentation

Professor Nirupam Chakraborti honoured in Sweden

Jae Hoon Jang and Hee Young Kim celebrating Steels

Punting on the River Cam, August 2017

Professors Zhongming Ren and Jiang Wang visit from Shanghai University

Cycling to St Ives and Houghton Mill

Graduation lunch at Darwin College

Gebril (homecoming) and Mathew Peet

PT Group at the Spiderman (homecoming) movie

MSM-Darwin bike ride to St Ives, July 2017

Lunch at the Coton pub "The Plough

Dr Tanaka visits Cambridge from Daido Steel in Japan

Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Darwin College, Girish Nivarti, Bainite in Steels, Twinned Rainbow

Laboratory cleaning

Guo Lei leaves Cambridge

Sites and sounds

Bainite Symposium, Weisbaden, Germany

Steel tower

Cycle race to St Ives, 20th March 2017

Howe Memorial Lecture, AIST 2017, Nashville

Teachers' day, South Korea, Cambridge

Cambridge 50 mile bike ride

Zixin Huang in Morocco

Arunim Ray leaves Cambridge University

Machine learning in Materials Science

Wagamama restaurant

Wilberth Solano-Alvarez wins Armourers and Brasiers Fellowship Prize

Spring has sprung

More from the Dr Dara P. Antia lecture, Pune, India

Guo Lei and Zixin Huang

Squash match, Stoyan Smoukov and Harry Bhadeshia

Harry at the Tata Steel Laboratories in Jamshedpur, March 2017

Dr Dara P. Antia lecture, Pune, India

Emptiness, marking, engineering, rail stations

Dominik's birthday and Lunch at Darwin College

More from Moscow, Russia, February

Harry in Moscow, Russia, February

Bike ride to St Ives, February

Chris Hulme-Smith and Gebril Al Fallah celebrate

Swiss Steel

Armour arrives

"Steels" in Taiwan

Steels and smiles

Cricket by Shaumik Lenka

Steels: microstructure and properties, 4th edition


Ailsa Kiely, Apparao Chintha, Armourers and Brasiers, Harry Bhadeshia, Wilberth Solano, Mathew Peet

PT-Group Seasonal Fesitivities, 2016

Hatem Abdulhameed Hatem gets his M.Phil. degree at Cambridge University

Brazillian quartz, big bang theory, Aseel Hamdeny, Apparo Chinta's bike saddle, Noelle Homedieu and Jeenie Li

Visitors from Tata Steel to Cambridge University.

Professor Andre Barros-Cota leaves Cambridge.

Dong Woo Suh wins KIM award.

The Larmor Lecture, Cambridge Philosophical Society

Tim Ramjaun leaves

Professors Gary Doll and Allan Matthews visit

Cambridge to Norwich bike ride

Harry at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

Kazu Hase, Girish Venkata Nivarti, Steel trees

Chips, Switzerland, Jiawen Chen, Stephan Forsik, food festival in Darwin College, chocolates, Mathew Peet

Arunim Ray and Harry Bhadeshia at Nippon Steel/Sumitomo Metals

Ceramic, cementite and coffee

Professor Tadashi Furuhara visits Cambridge University

Mount Etna, Sicily, volcanic ash.

The Welding Institute, Sicily, Lebanon, Friction stir welding.

Kazutoshi Ichikawa wins major award.

Bike ride to St Ives.

Friction stir welding, Hidetoshi Fujii, James Nygaard, Debashish Bhattacharjee, Toru Nagaoka, Chris Hulme-Smith, Chihiro Furusho, Pankaj Sahlot, Abhishek Kumar, Vishvesh Badheka.

Visitors and celebration.

Gebril El-Fallah graduates.

50 mile Cambridge bike ride, May 2016

IFHTSE (heat treatment and surface engineering), April 2016

Robotics meeting in Moscow, April 2016

Steve Ooi, Debashish Bhattacharjee, Gunther Eggler, 8th Materials Education Conference

Professor Sir David MacKay FRS, a symposium to celebrate his work on information, inference and energy

More pictures of Harry in Moscow, March

Jesus College Graduate Students' Conference

Harry in Moscow, March

Toshihiko Koseki, Soichi Nambu, Mehran Maalekian and Scripta meeting

Darwin College Commemoration

Wilberth's award presentation

Wilberth wins major award

Grace visits from Taiwan

Nut and bolt, for eating

Harry at TATA Steel India, the next few days

Harry at TATA Steel India, the first few days

Events during late 2015


Peacock at IIT Dehli

Dominik Dziedzic becomes a Doctor of Philosophy

Postcard from Jae Hoon Jang and Hee Young Kim

Protest for peace in Syria

Harry in Eindhoven

Bartek and Hilkka

Norway in winter

New dilatometer

Yan Pei forging iron

Anglia Materials Society, and Hatfield Lecture Sheffield

Microalloying 2015, Hangzhou, China

Professor Kip Findley visits Cambridge

100 times stronger than steel?

Visitors from Moscow

Investiture, Buckingham Palace

Russian chocolates, Rails and Houffalize in Belgium

Kok Kuan Ying, Hateem Abdulhameed and David Adams

Metallurgical Science and Technology, Columbus, Ohio

More pictures from Moscow

International Advisory Committee, Moscow

Variety, Wen Di, Yanhui Zhang, Hyunjeong Lee, Steve Ooi, Tim Ramjaun, Mark Manning, Hans-Ake,Sundberg, Adam Stahlkrantz, Saurabh Kundu, Macau, Qui Xiaolin, He Jianguo, Mathew Peet, CMSE macau Bhadeshia

19th of September: Oxford to Cambridge Bike Ride

Oxford to Cambridge, final training session, 17th September

Computational metallurgy team having fun

Oxford to Cambridge, training, 14th September

Hector Pous graduates

Charles Hatchet CBMM meeting

Oxford to Cambridge, training, 9th September

Oxford to Cambridge, training, 7th September

Oxford to Cambridge, training, 2nd September

Oxford to Cambridge, training, 27th August

Burst pipe and spiral staircase

Literature review competition, MST

Research panel meeting in Oslo, Norway

More from the Global materials meeting, Macau

Wilberth Solano-Alvarez graduates

Global materials meeting, Macau

Professor Toshihiko Koseki visits Cambridge

Casting techniques

3D-printing of a railway bogey

BP Castrol, CBMM Charles Hatchett, Phone Calls

Celebrating Professor Dong Woo Suh

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Boltzmann's epitaph, courtesy Mark Hull

Harry achieves 100% mark

Wilberth Alvarez-Solano visits South East Asia

Steve Ooi's birthday, and Wilberth returns from visiting communist countries

Amartya Sen, Robert Voigt, Steve Ooi, Rosie Ward, Geoff Cottrell, Chris Pikard. Anita Bailey, Anne Chippindale

Amir in Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu

Liquid metal embrittlement

Fallen tree, Lindsay Greer, Hardness

Wildlife at the Department

Guo Lei's Swiss Steel Project Meeting

Rachel Abrahams, Mathew Peet, Bob Voigt

Anton Muhlemann and Kostas Koumastos visit Cambridge

Harry wins prize

Wenwen Song visits Cambridge

Tim Ramjaun graduates

Distinguished visitors from Spain

Switzerland in April 2015

TATA Steel visitors at GIFT, POSTECH

Charles Barrett Lecture

Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Harry at the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Corten Weathering Steel, Rocky Mountains

2015 Van Horn Distinguished Lectures

Leontii Usov in Tomsk, Siberia

Sights in Tomsk, Siberia

War Memorial, Tomsk, Siberia

Tomsk State University, Siberia

Arrival in Tomsk, Siberia

The long journey (bag)

Bainite in Steels: theory and practice

Mendeleev, Tesla, Paul Dirac

Minerals, crystallography, MISiS, Moscow

ISAC, MISiS, Moscow

Moscow International House of Music


Arunim, Leonardo, Marcos and Harry visit Nippon-Sumitomo Steel

Kazu Hase in Cambridge and Chris' Birthday

Dr Seung Woo Suh wins at Squash

Korean Lunar New Year

Graduation ceremony at POSTECH

Lin Sun in Australia, SANS

Tomoyuki Yokota and Subhankar Das Bakshi

Snow and coffee in Korea and Cambridge

January in Korea


Joachim Dias, Bessemer lecture, BP, United Metallurgical Company, Russian Federation, Eunju Song, Arunim Ray, Kanwer Singh Arora, Mhadev Shome, Tata Steel, David Bombac, Sergey Shibaev, Severstahl, bhadeshia123

Lucy Fielding in New York

More from Heat treatment congress, Germany

Graduations and Lectures

Snail trails, rainbows, Amitava De, TWI prize, Bi-plane, Unspillable cup, Hawiian shirt, Aneesh das Bakshi, Huang graduates

Heat treatment congress, HK2014, Germany

Turbine in Pittsburgh hotel

Mayuko and Erica visit Cambridge, October

Harry in Russia, October

Harry in Korea, September

Oxford to Cambridge bicycle ride

Squash match and shoes

Harry's new bicycle lock

Lin Sun, hot rolling of steel

The kingdom remains united

Oxford-Cambridge bicycle ride: training in South Korea

Amir Shirzadi with Mitsubishi delegates

Amir Shirzadi at UK-China Symposium

Roskilde, Denmark, Risoe

Aneesh doubles his age

Rosie's bicycles

Harry's new bicycle

Steve Ooi: the movie

Superbainite and international politics

Sainsburys,squash, Kaoru Sato, Wysing Arts Centre, Alan Turing, Caravan cooking, liquid nitrogen, Sean Chen, iPhone 7, Mathew Peet

Kestrel spotted

Jer Ren Yang, Hala Salman Hasan, Aseel Hamdany, Daniel Gaude Fugarolas, Amir Shirzadi, UK-China meeting, Kings Cross Station, Darwin College, Dong Woo Suh, Lucy Fielding, Jee Hyun Kang

Copper mines in Uzbekistan

Modern Steels, Warsaw, Poland

Amir in Wuhan, China

Amir in Izmir and Istanbul

Francisca Caballero at the Armourers and Brasiers symposium

Tata Steel academics meet at Warwick University

Aneesh das Bakshi exploring Darwin Island

Ting Ping Hou, Tour de France, in Cambridge

Stop the badger cull protest

Geography, Development and the Empire

Lecture Course, Belgian Francqui Chair, KU Leuven

Inaugural lecture, Belgian Francqui Chair, KU Leuven

Ethan Ooi, Eglantine, Agate, David Bombac, Frank Tancret, Estelle and superbainite

Amir melting spinning at ACMiN, AGH University-Krakow

Seung Woo Seo, squash champion 2014

Hydrogen, monopoles, benches, solitary lectures

Pet cafe, South Korea

CML picnic in South Korea

Spring in South Korea

March events in South Korea

Holi in South Korea

Harry's return to Moscow

Harry in Moscow

Korea: New Year's day, Brain food, Delicious food, In Gee leaves, Tomomichi Ozaki, Snow, Pizza, Valentine's day

December 2013 and January 2014

A frozen Tim Ramjaun

Amir in Germany

Amir Shirzadi in China via Istanbul

Aneesh Das Bakshi writes

Ed Pickering's birthday

Present for Chris Hulme-Smith

Danyi Luo in Hokkaido



Skull, drugs, plagues, Kiyoshi Nishioka, Dan Cogswell, Arijit Laik, Nelson Mandella

Guo Lei, Harry in Swiss Steel

Hydrogen in Manchester

Harry's 60th birthday

Events in South Korea

PT Group Christmas Party

Banaras Hindu University

Events, October

Amir Shirzadi in China, October

TWI Award

David Bombac in Japan

Tim Ramjaun in Canada

Lucy Fielding in Australia

October in Cambridge

Arijit Saha Podder at Stainless Conference

Amir's last cookout for 2013

Sheffield Moors

Cycling to the new Department

Hala Salman Hasan in Spain

The last coffee

Hector Pous Romero wins ASME Award

Yan Pei in Taiwan

Nanostructured steel in Seville

Jee Yong Lee's qualifying examination

Harry at University West, Sweden

Moving within Cambridge

Enjoying The Bourbon Bad Boy food

Aneesh celebrates first birthday

Seo in Hawaii

Heat-treatment of steel using molten-salt

Cacophony of photographs

Sunset in Cambridge

Tim Ramjaun sailing

Celebrating Jae Hoon Jang's Acta Award

The melting flowers of Korea

Aneesh Das Bakshi joins PT Group

Adventures in the Physical Metallurgy of Steels

Lin Sun probing atoms

PT Group punting picnic

Hector Pous and Ed Pickering in Paris

Tim changes the clutch on his supercar

Birds, Subliminal mode, Hector, Harry, Maps, Wilberth

Ronaldo Barbosa, Tata Steel, Nippon Steel, Pink Kit Kat

Niobium symposium in London

Rashid in Mexico

IOM3 Awards ceremonies

Forging of steel

Steel Science meeting

Harry at Tata Steel Holland

Harry at Tata Steel Rotherham

Tim Ramjaun in Mauritius

Cambridge and POSTECH

Amir in Turkey

Amir bonding in Germany

Armourers and Brasiers symposium

Harry in Oulu, Finland

Isle of Skye

Editorial meeting

Final days in old building

Hector and Andrea go north

Lucy, Lin Sun, film crew, NPL, TDA, Alan Turing, gravity, chocolates, Suzanne

Harry wins in Cambridgshire Cycling Challenge

Hector and Andrea on yet another Holiday (Egypt)

Bear, Gems, Alloys, Air Show

Talents of Amir Shirzadi

Adventures in Cambridge

ICAMS meeting, Bochum, Germany

Suresh Babu elevated

Tata Innovista Award

Sora Kim and Guensu Jung get married

Nano blocks of Lego, Big Ben

Tata Steel Port Talbot, Specifics, South Wales Metallurgical Society

Squash tournament, South Korea

Party at Steve Ooi's Comberton Residence

Yan Pei in Moscow

Pipeline workshop the Bolshoi theatre

Pipeline workshop and abrasion tests

Namashkar, St Petersburg, Irregular shapes, Mysterious flowers

Large lattice parameter steel

Hiroshi Harada visits Cambridge

Dong Woo Suh

Lectures on crystallography

Picnic in Gyuenogju

Tim Ramjaun at ESAB AB

Weight lifting and half marathon

Life in U.K., Korea, Japan

Metallurgy in action

New building: progress

Championships to mark Proclamation of Independence



Lucy's last day in Korea

Birthday party: Hong Yeob Lee and Lucy Fielding


Interesting school in India

CML students awarded Doctorates

Valentine's day in Pohang

Confusion in Cambridge and Pohang

Sourav Das wins Young Engineers Award

Lucy in Japan

Hector's birthday

Journey from Incheon Airport to Pohang

Faculty meeting in Busan

Hector and Andrea in China

Food and indulgence

Hala Salman Hasan at Botanical Gardens, Ohio

Varestraint hot-ductility test

Chocolate bearings

Harry at the University of the West, Sweden

Visitors and Events, January 2013

Taipei 101 (very tall building)


Snow and sunshine, 2012

Christmas closing events, 2012

Amir in Wuhan, Xian and Shanghai Airport

Hala's new bicycle

What a Party!

Mathew Peet in Japan

TATA Steel Workshop

Marcos Stuart, Kazutoshi Ichikawa, Jen Ren Yang

Meetings, birthdays, ear muffs

Harry in Russia

Hector and Andrea's Mexican Wedding

Hala and Saud arrive in Cambridge from Iraq

Arpan Das, Sourabh Chatterjee, Mathew Peet, Yan Pei, Professor Chen Kuisheng

James Nygaard in France

November in Cambridge

Wild animals in Tanzania

Jominy test

Celebrating Mexico, palmistry, birth, graduation, DNA

South Africa, Sweden, France, Evacuation

Steel pipe, tea caddy, safety test and so on

Bessemer Medal Lecture and Dinner

Lucy in China

Patricio Mendez wins Ken Easterlig Award

Golden summer of British sport continues on and on ....

Aya Saito and friend visit

Paralympics: basketball

David Bombac: Ph.D. examination

Golden summer of British sport continues


Sourav Das honoured

Dong Woo Suh, Hua Zhang, Yuang-Tsung Wang, Punting, Queen: Rock Musical, Korea

Number 3

Wedding photographs: Andrea and Hector

Professor Hua Zhang arrives

Mathew in Japan

Dilatometer, Grapes, Ration Sweets, Superbainite, Whittle, Moorhen

Harry at the Paralympics, London 2012

Ed Pickering (lifeguard) at the Reading Festival

James Nygaard at Duxford War Museum

August in Cambridge

Amir, heart surgery

Amir in Denver

Air display

Bearings and steel

The Olympic Marathon

The Olympic Park, London 2012

The London Orbit

Sheffield stainless steel

Wilberth and James at the Olympics

Major accident on M11 motorway

Hector returns, Brazil, Gary Purdy

Dublin, Flowers, Danyi Luo

Wind turbines


Superb bainite

Art, Engineering and Science

Hala Salman Hasan at the Niagara Falls

Acta Journals meeting in Dublin

Danyi Luo, Thomas Sourmail and Phil Shipway

Project meeting, Swansea University

Tony Thiriet, Ascometal, Bicycle, Food and Celebrations again, Surya Maiti

Olympic torch in Cambridge

TATA Steel Workshop, Warwick University

BP meeting

Professor Young and the Glass

Naked Scientist


Awards dinner, niobium

CITIC, Baosteel, China Fe Research Institute

Professor Xuejun Jin, QP steels

Professor Sanbao Lin, Safety Training

Steve Ooi's birthday

Rolls-Royce, Husqvarna, Martin Rawson, Hans-Ake Sundberg

May Ball, Graduate Seminars, Lars-Erik Svensson, SKF

Sheffield Forgemasters, Tata Steel and Cape Cod

Trends meeting, and STWJ Editorial Board

Amir in France and Switzerland

Harry at the National Institute for Materials Research, Japan

MISiS visitors from Russia

Defence, Lucy

SKF UTC, Rolls-Royce, Peas, Nombu, Takeda

Eberhard Kerscher and MSM Building

Symposium on Bainite, Austria

Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium


Ed Pickering in Switzerland

Bij-Na's birthday

Miner's lamp

Strength and toughness

Sunshine in Cambridge

Green Ironmongers Cardiff Loughborough

Chaos theory

April Events, 19th

More flowers

New building

Amir Shirzadi in Portugal (IIW meeting)

Flowers and Relationships

Sourav Das awarded the Visvesvaraya Gold Medal

2nd UK-China Steel Symposium

Sourabh Chatterjee wins an award

Suresh Babu, Tiger, Birthday, Working Hard, Kings Cross

Harry's Award, sunshine, Venus, Moon, Jupiter

Saurabh Kundu

Lucy at MST, superb sky

Journeys, Disney, King Mongkut's University, Flat Tyre

More food, new members, first principles, Vietnam and orange peel

Professor Hae-Geon Lee


Lucy's birthday

Coloured objects

Valentine's day

Visitors from MHI, Japan

YouTube Channel: interesting statistics

February in Korea

Graduation ceremonies in Pohang

Ice festival in Harbin

Many things happen in Pohang

Pub quiz

Ssangkye tea

January in Korea

CBMM and Cambridge meeting

Ivan's chocolates, rolling contact fatigue

Meeting with Rolls Royce and SKF, James Nygaard's project

Early meeting with Japan, MHI

Superfit Brian Barber spotted

Hector's chocolates, Burcu and Pat leave

YouTube Channel: interesting statistics


Greetings from Japan

Final day

Scunthorpe and Cambridge

Ivan and Mathew in Germany

Harry at Swiss Steel

Group Christmas

Random collection


Professor Datta visits

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research: Steve Ooi

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

Harry in Brazil, at CBMM

Jeff Brooks, Young Joo Choi, Star Wars

Plastic bearing

The MHI team

New steels research centre in Taiwan

Harry at Laiwu Steel Corporation, China

Steve Ooi in China

Wuhan Forum and Shan Steel

Lucy Fielding in Australia

Torrin and Debashish

Rails and cakes

2nd postcard from Lucy in Australia

Dimna lake


Postcard from Lucy in Australia

New rolling contact machine


Harry at Chalmers University, Sweden

New members, Koreans, Nottingham .....

Bearing steel visitors

Aseelin Erbil

Harry in Zurich

Shafiq's pilgrimage

Nirupam in Kashmir

Ed Pickering wins SET award

Kazu Hase, Ph.D.

Misty morning in Cambridge

More of Harry in Taiwan

Harry in Taiwan

Distortion Engineering

Cafe, punting, Richard Dolby, Tarashankar DebRoy, Professor Shen, Professor Sanbao Lin, Mark Manning

Yan Pei at Welding Alloys Ltd

Aseel leaves Cambridge

Ashwin Pandit - more fun

Mixing with the upper class

Amir throws a party

Hala and Aseel visit Ireland

Visitors to CML

Omar Sherif

Nano-socks, Divorced, Olympics, Dog, Ladies, CML, DebRoy, Riots, Keown, Gladman, Irvine, Pickering, Hay, Fujita, Harbin, Cleaning, Siemens, Terashima, August 2011

Amir tutoring OU students

Tata Steel Triathalon

Yan Pei graduates

THERMEC 2011, Quebec

Visit to Aubert and Duval

Wimpole, Arcelor Mittal, MISiS, Graduation, Viva

Aseel arrives

Rolls-Royce, Institute of Materials Awards, CBMM Niobium, Moscow Iron and Steel Institute and Tata Steel

Protests against stupidity

Hala in Jordan

Birds in Bhagdad


Canadians, Americans and Russians

Birds, Hany and Satish

Sheffield University, Hala

Painting, Babel, Red

Rolls-Royce Trent 900 Engine in Glass

Strawberries, Amir, Leif Karlsson, Lars-Erik Svensson, Roberta

Opening Ceremony, SKF UTC

Amir, Shanghai

Amir, Wuhan

Amir, Istanbul

Brazil, Football, Pistachios, Italian

Rolls-Royce Aeroengines, Bearings and things

Rolls-Royce Marine and Sheffield Forgemasters

Visit to Erasteel, Soderfors, Sweden

Hans Roelofs, Pat's present from Arijit, Bainitic iPad, Finland, Wuhan

Arijit graduates

Arijit leaves

Leeds University


Modern Korea

Late April in Cambridge

Amir in Chennai

Amir in Singapore

Back in Cambridge

Squash championships

House warming

A collection




Crystallography, coffee, South Central China


Flowers, Eric Clapton, Journey, Dilatometer, Superbainite


Dong Woo and Seetharman

The Droid

South Africa


Gareth Hopkin spotted

Aseel 's Ph.D. examination

Carsten 's Ph.D. examination

Aftermath of Valentine's day

Valentine and more Pohang

A white ceremony

Much ado

Late January at GIFT

Constant change

Something not right

The lightest element

RR Marine

TATA Steel - University meeting

Peter Morris visits



Arijit and thesis

Heavy snow, 4th of January


The Party

Many minds meeting

Satsumas, Ghent University, Sari, Coffee and Sheep

Armourers Tata Steel scholarships

Hala and Aseel in Babylon

School of Physical Sciences and Fire Alarm

SKF Steel Technology Centre mugshots

Professorial inauguration

Amir visits China

Beijing airport

Mathew graduates

Shanghai and London

More pictures of Aarona



November November

John Garnham and Tomohiko Hojo

Colours in Oak Ridge, Carlos Capdevila

Doodles, Carluccio's and Musketeers

Ground breaking ceremony

Carsten leaves Cambridge

Danyi in Cambridge

Song in Cambridge

Joachim visits Japan

Sweden, Chalmers University

Seung-Woo Seo to Korea

Professor Chakraborti and Seung-Woo Seo

SKF/Cambridge Steering Group meeting

Frank Barbaro visits

Ingo and Franck

Tata-Academia meeting

Ghaida visits Cambridge

Harry in Canada

Food for thought

GIFT homecoming

Dr Mathews visits from IGCAR

Mathew's Ph.D. examination

Aarona Saha Podder

Smiles and food

Tea ceremony

CALPHAD meeting

Manchester United versus Chelsea

Foundry Technology journal

Roger Reed visits

Picnic in Grantchester

Shock and delight

Professor Wu Kaiming visits

Miscellaneous events

New arrivals


U.K.-China Steel Symposium

Corus-Academia Symposium

2nd WCU Workshop

Friday at GIFT

Fujio Abe



Ratan Tata

Jeme Tien Yow Award

PTM 2010

Various events


National Metallurgical Laboratory

Professor Yanhong Wei visits

Nanjing Jiang Lian Welding Technology Company

Ice cream

Meeting with OCAS scientists

Sourav and Arpita

Amir in Hong Kong, China

Amir in Wuhan, China

Karnatak University, India

Punting on the River Cam

Tata Steel Europe, SKF and Cambridge

More from Arpan

Malaysia, Belgium, France, Engineering

Arpan rocks

Super Bainite workshop

French connection

Shougang Steel

Celebrating the Roman number D

Arpan Das: group talk

SKF, Rolls-Royce and Cambridge University meeting

SKF UTC Steering Group meeting

Icelandic ash

Stephane Forsik graduates

Late April

Harry in China

Tension, Missouri, Ernst, IIT Kharagpur

Spring in Cambridge

Gul Rahman in Pakistan

Harry in Japan

Group lunch

Martensite and Spring

Tomohiko Hojo and the Marathon



Visitors from Japan

Meeting with Arijit Saha Podder

Heavy snow, GIFT

Changing of the guard at GIFT

New Dean at GIFT

Classical dance from Japan

Matriculation at POSTECH

Starring Arpan Das

Interstitital-free steels

Jubilee Park, Jamshedpur

Mathematicians and steel

Snow in Pohang

Electrostatics and persistence

Ballet and Bearings

Coffee and associated phenomena

Stephane and Sybrand visit GIFT

GIFT Faculty Workshop

Computational Metallurgy Group Dinner

Events at GIFT

Comberton and Alaska

Vicky's 2010 calendar

Mehran in Canada

Surprise visitors

Rosie's garden

Hala graduates

David honoured by the Queen


Final party

Yiming Zhang's Ph.D. examination


SKF Centre discussion meeting

Mark Manning retires

Snow in Cambridge

Radu and Arijit

Visitors from Bekaert

Arpan Das

Pedro and Harry visit SKF Netherlands

Harbin Institute of Technology

Pedro and Harry visit SKF Sweden

Neutron diffraction


Arpan's samples

Group dinner

Professor Anantha Padmanabhan

Jianguo Yang celebrates

Visit to SKF Germany

Washing plants

Shafiq' s family arrives

Professor Alberto Molinari visits

An encounter with Stefan Paetke

SKF- Cambridge University Workshop

Stephane at Halloween

In honour of David Edmonds

Zakaria and friends

Radu graduates

Dominique Neerinck of Bekaert visits

Jiawon Yoon, the PT Group and News from Korea

Blanka and Pedro in Harry's office

2nd SKF/Cambridge Steering Group meeting

Bollywood meets PT Group

Ivan Lonardelli visits and Yang Jianguo arrives

Andrew Fairbanks visits from Australia

Visitors from Corus

Zakaria Boumerzoug, Amir and Steve Ooi

Madrid and New York

Arcelor Mittal

Ulrich and Hans visit from Swiss Steel

SKF project begins

SKF project meeting, Cambridge

Ovaco Steel in Sweden

David Bombac leaves Cambridge

Isaac Toda visits

SKF Holland

Elegant structures in Germany

Visitors from JFE

Visitors from Sumitomo Metals, POSTECH and Nippon Steel

Thermec 2009

WCU Workshop

Vegetarian barbeque




Carlos 2

Stephane grilled

Group dinner at the Galleria

Discourse at Cambridge Union

Professor Padmanabhan visits

How to write papers

GIFT news


Professor Dhafir visits

Motion and Pizza

Familiar visitors to GIFT

Opening ceremony of the new GIFT building

Ryuichi Honma

Rosie and the iMac

Singh, Jaegle, Steiner

Day visit to SKF

Performance steels: a meeting in Lulea


Amir and salt


Amir visits Krakow University

Yan Pei and Harry visit OCAS

Barcelona versus Manchester United

Vijay Jerath visits Cambridge

Swans and Cygnets

Stephane leaves

Battling the waves

Palmiere and Karlsson

Transformable stainless

Amir at Zhengzhou University

Corus, Steve Ooi and Flowers

Professor Xu Ling visits

Neutron diffraction


Harry at the Max-Planck-Institute in Dusseldorf, Germany

Steel Technology Centre, the first meeting

Radu's car

Persian new year in Canada

University of Witwatersrand

Persian New Year

Harry in South Africa

Multiscale modelling and lasers

Leo Kestens and Nuria Sanchez visit

Flower festival


IISc/KIST meeting


New bicycle in Korea



Lunch at the RIST canteen

Table Tennis

Journey from Apartment to GIFT

800 Years of Cambridge University

Harry's apartment in Korea

Mathew's new camera

Sourabh presenting to customers

OTIS KING Calculator


The final hours of 2008, the Fujitas visit Cambridge

End of year holiday with the Chatterjees

End of year party

Richard and Carrie

Group lunch with Tridibesh Mukherjee

JIang He visits


Simpro and Tata Steel

Mehran arrives at UBC

Tata Steel Chair

Japan Welding Society

ArcelorMittal and Cambridge University

Rocky Mountains

International Steel Technologies Symposium

MOD project meeting

Hala leaves Cambridge

Sergei Dudarev and nuclear fusion

Satish Kailash


Derby to Cambridge

New Barcelona football team players


Sourabh Chatterjee

India, September 2008

Life at POSTECH, September 2008

Steve Ooi leaves, September 2008

Visitors from Kyushu University, September 2008


Harry at Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung

Jiawen and Harry at Swiss Steel

IBM personal computer

Luz and Pepe leave Cambridge

Jae Hoon Jang visits Cambridge

Watch the lady helping everyone cross, at Gimpo Airport, Republic of Korea

Melons, Alex, Gwangyang

Progress of GIFT Building, July

Visitors to Harry's GIFT Office, July

Henri re-retires

Professors Hamilton Abreu and Damjan Klobcar leave

Food at Kings

Rolls- Royce

Shiv arrives

A new arrival

Assessment of research

Journey to a far away land

Hiromichi Fujii


ArcelorMittal and Max Planck Institute




Professor Ranganathan arrives




Uncorrelated information


Flash butt welding


Thursday 8th of May 2008

Arrivals and a Departure

GIFT, April and May 2008

GIFT Building, POSTECH, Korea

Hala in the Lebanon and Syria

Yan Pei, Mathew Peet and Harry in Belgium, Derby and Sweden

Harry at Corus


People in Cambridge

Views of Cambridge


New bridge

In honour of Professor Horst Cerjak

Easter snow

Manabu Takahashi and family

International Institute of Welding


Drs Tridibesh Mukherjee, Stephan Hasler and Hans Roelofs

Early Spring

National Metallurgical Laboratory



Group dinner


More from India

Visitors from France and Belgium

Flowers and water

India, neural networks meeting


30th December 2007

Christmas party

Repotting the plant in Harry's office

Calendars, by Vicky Yardley: Plants, Scenic, General


Netherlands Institute for Metals Research

Darwin, Rain in Paris, Nancy, escience, December 2007

Spanish visitors

Plants, Mohamed, Blue

Visa for India

Jan visits

Radu Dimitriu in Holland

AWS meeting, Chicago

Millenium Park, Chicago

Chicago in November

Seimens-Vai Plate Mill Symposium

Battle in Heaven

Autumn in Darwin

Visitors from TWI

Delphine Cantin and John Francis visit Cambridge

Squash championship continues

Visitors from Arcelor-Mittal

Nirupam the Examiner

Aachen Welding Conference


The Phoenix.

Guess what, photographs.


Miscellaneous October photographs.

Lectures in Korea.


Tomo graduates.

Cleaning the laboratory.

Sights and sounds of London.

Sourav leaves.

Castles, by Rosie Ward.

GIFT Groundbreaking ceremony

Joohyun Ryu gets married

Miscellaneous September photographs

Eric leaves.

A new arrival.


Cups and saucers.


Photographs from Japan (Kazu, Tomo and Vicky).

Carlos, Pippa and Hamilton.

Postcard from Roger.

Visitors from CORUS.

Madame Tussauds.

London, Cambridge.

PT group activities.


Green fingers.


Darwinians Graduate

Peter Southwick, Brazil, Austria or India.

Lunch .

Visitors and new member.

SKF, SABIC and Ascometal.

Synchrotron facility.

Mathew rowing.

Qin Bo and Guo Lei leave Cambridge.

Saurabh Kundu leaves Cambridge.

Sung Mo Jung visits Cambridge.

Jun gets married.

Industrial visits.

New furnaces.

IS 3Symposium, Japan


Mount Athos, Greece



April highlights

Picasso's Guernica

Painting of Darwin College by Nadine Sourmail

Visitors from Baoshan Iron and Steel Company

Gonzalo leaves Cambridge

Mohamed Sherif leaves Cambridge

Steel crane

Mathew at CORUS Academia symposium

Korea, March and April 2007

Jiawen and Harry in Switzerland

First large scale production of nanostructured metal

Recruitment in India.

Mehran's Ph.D. examination.

Harry in India.

Mechanical Science.


New Year's greetings from Nobu.

Isaline and Miguel get married.

Coke diffusion

Postcard from Richard and Carrie

Korea in January

25 years

Calendar by Vicky Yardley


Fields of Diamonds


TWI Research Board

Winter in Cambridgeshire


Aircraft and Rocket Engines

Harry in the Netherlands


Richard and Carrie leave Cambridge

Professor Zhu Ying arrives

Mizuki Terashima, Japan

PT group meeting in Japan


Korea-U. K. meeting in Cambridge.

Richard graduates.

Pizza Express.

Group Farewell to Teresa Perez.

Our laboratory floor plan.

The Rain Coat.

October events.

Mathematical Modelling.

Farnborough Air Show and Germany.

Harry in Sweden.

Vicky Yardley and Kazu Hase at ISIJ Conference in Japan.

ESOMAT 2006.

Coal mining in the Ruhr Valley.

Professor Rongshan Qin arrives at GIFT, POSTECH, August 2006

Andong, August 2006

ICASS 2006 conference on steels, August 2006

PT-Group Meeting in Japan, August 2006

Shinichi Terashima leaves Cambridge, July 2006

Steel University Workshop, July 2006

Cranes, July 2006


Guo Lei visits

Hedgehog in Harry's garden

High strength steels conference

MIscellaneous photographs

Nirupam, teaching at Linz University

Events and Visitors during June

Marie Curie meeting

Kyosuke Inoue visits Cambridge, May 2006. Also, Mehran and Dierk

Amir Shirzadi at GIFT, Korea

John Francis visits, April 2006

Steven and Harry in Switzerland

Pizza and the public understanding of steel

Thomas and Kira in Japan

"400" Celebrations

Visitors from Tata Steel

Richard Kemp at the Materials Congress, London

Dr In Gee Kim visits

Geothermal power

Harry at GIFT (POSTECH), March 2006

Gonzalo arrives

Photo Booth

Tetsuya Shimizu, Daido Steel

IIT Kharagpur, India

Darwin College Study Centre

Joachim Rajek's Ph.D. examination

Progress of tree planted in Brazil, 1997

Fusion steels group meeting, January 2006

Korea , January 2006

Vicky in Japan, January 2006

Harry in India, January 2006

Philippe Opdenacker and his fiance Eve


Yang in Cambridge, December 2005

Harry in Holland, December 2005

Richard in California

Harry at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Harry at 53rd Hatfield Memorial Lecture

Nanami, Yuki and Masato

Harry in Taiwan

Harry at the Max-Planck-Institut fur Metallforchung

Steven and Harry in Switzerland

Harry in Rome

Some group members

Thomas and Suresh visit

Harry in South Korea

GIFT - the Opening Ceremony

U.K.-Singapore collaboration in science meeting, September 2005

Microalloying meeting, September 2005

Arrivals, Departures and Visitors, September 2005

Ueta and Yuko, July 2005

Debashish and Vilas, July 2005

Shingo Yamasaki receives Ph.D., July 2005

Ueta and Yuko in Ironbridge, July 2005

Professor Tsong Perng leaves Cambridge, June 2005

Audrey Noirot and Sophie Kermorvant leave Cambridge, June 2005

Kazu Hase's new motrocycle

Yasuhiro Shinohara visits Cambridge

PT Group in Oxford

Phase Transformations 2005

More pictures from Phase Transformations 2005

Joachim and Monica return to Cambridge

Edinburgh, Professor Tsong Perng

Hong-Chul Jeong leaves Cambridge

Hong-Chul Jeong in Hiedelberg and Munchen

Hong-Chul Jeong in Barcelona

Hong-Chul Jeong in Andorra

Trends in Welding Research



Harry in Argentina

Azaleas in bloom, Korea

Carlos Capdevila in Japan

Professor Partha Chatterjee leaves, April 2005.

Portsmouth, April 2005.

Coffee Room, April 2005.

More about London, April 2005.

Visit to the British Museum (2005).

Visit to the Natural History Museum.

Visit to the British Museum.

John Francis leaves Cambridge, March 2005.

Visit to Prague, March 2005.

Harry visits Taiwan, March 2005.

Saurabh Kundu submits his CPGS thesis, March 2005.

Pippa in Hawaii

Koichi Tsuchiya visits Cambridge

Harry in Holland

Sourabh Chatterjee and his talk on martensite

Harry visits Swiss Steel

Professor Perng on sabbatical in Cambridge

Professor Hae-Geon Lee visits Cambridge

Miguel revisits Cambridge

Shigeki Ueta's birthday

2.2 GPa

Sourabh Chatterjee

Tsunami Rehabilitation Dinner

Sourabh Chatterjee returns from India

Mohamed Sherif in Spain

Introduction to Materials Modelling


Celebratory meeting, Graz, November 2004

Photographs from Mineko Nomura

Yuko Nomura joins the group

M.Phil. teamwork presentations

Netherlands Institute for Metals Research meeting

Fernando Rizzo's seminar.

The 52nd Hatfield Memorial Lecture.

The Hatfield Memorial Lectures

Chinese version of 'Steels' published.

Elegant use of Steel in Scottish Parliament

Masakazu Matsui (Mitsibushi Heavy Industries) visits Cambridge

Professor Jer Ren Yang visits Cambridge

Shigeki Ueta's sister's wedding

Ali Ilshan Koruk visits Cambridge

Richard in California.

Charles and Claudia visit Cambridge.

Degree ceremony.

Fernando Rizzo and Petr Sittner.

Harry in Taiwan.

Pottering in Japan.

Harry in Brazil

Saurabh Kundu wins Young Metallurgist of the Year award

Anne Lee visits Cambridge after 9 years of absence

Kazu Hase leaves Cambridge

Visitors from Korea and Japan

Shingo Yamasaki: cut and paste

Harry in Finland

Shingo Yamasaki's examination

Visitors from Tohoku University

Portugese delegation at Darwin College

Pippa in Ecuador.


Wicken Fen.

Thomas' surprise birthday party.

Joachim, Mathew in Graz, Austria

Jolanta , Thomas, Ramamurty and Hillka

Pippa in paradise.

Panoramic views.

Stephane Forsik, Tower, Joachim Rajek, July 2004.

Mohamed elected Fellow of the Cambridge Overseas Trust.

Harry in Denmark, July 2004.

Cleaning the laboratory.

Chester White retires from TWI.

Chance encounters.

Lionel Siriwardene visits.

Harry in Sweden

How to get a PhD

New arrivals (Saurabh Kundu and Hong-Chul Jeong)

Chang in Taiwan.

Dave Cole in New Zealand.

Harry in Australia.

Black Forest meeting.

Lunch at Darwin College

Flowers in Harry's garden

Marc Harzenmoser visits.

Yokota Tomoyuki wins a major award.

Rosie Ward and friends.

Card from Iqbal.

Harry in the USA.

Botanical gardens.

Iqbal visits Cambridge.

Rasmus Fransden visits Cambridge.

On the way to the Royal Academy of Engineering

Westminster underground station

Pat Kelly, Steward, Dot and Chris

Professor Toshihiro Koseki

Visitors and Farewell to Pippa

Kazu visits Spanish branch of PT Group

The Northern Lights

Visit to Ironbridge.

Pippa in Egypt.

Henrikki visits Cambridge again.

Surprise for Kazu

M.Phil. teamwork pictures by Prabeer Barpan.

Harry in China.

MPG movie (4Mb) by Yanhong Wei, of Cambiridge.


Christmas party.

Mohamed Sherif graduates

Darwin Graduations

Squash (UK victory)

Nicola Deards (PT Group 1989-1992) and her husband Mike Clift



More from Graz

Shiv's Award

Harry in Japan, November 2003

Thomas in Taiwan

Bridge opening ceremony

Autumn in Cambridge

Thermodynamics at Tata Steel, India

Materials Congress 2003, Institute of Materials, London

More: Vicky gets her Ph.D.

Vicky gets her Ph.D.

Darwin Philosophers

Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena 7.

The Parsons 2003 meeting.

Don and Chia's wedding photographs

Visit to Tata Steel, India

Maria Jesus Santofimia Navarro's leaving party, 2003

The Bridges of Darwin College

Professor M. Nagumo's leaving party

Brooker medal ceremony at TWI

Visit by Professors Shimizu and Kishi following ESOMAT 2003


Pictures of Switzerland

Visit to Lille University

Vicky Yardley's Leaving Party

THERMEC meeting in Madrid

Dominique Carrouge graduates

Adventures of Marc Harzenmoser

Ichikawa wins award

Indian Institute of Science

Dorothy and Chris Downs, at Dot's graduation cermony

Visit by Dr Kioyshi Funatani and Kyozo Arimoto, April 2003

The return of Hiroyuki, March 2003

Daniel Gaude Fugarolas, degree ceremony

Adventures in Japan, March 2003

Demonstrations in London, 22nd of March, in support of peace.

Demonstrations in support of peace.

Roger Reed, Suresh Babu and Stan David

New Year's greeting from Nicolas Duvauchelle

New Year's greeting from Ichikawa

New Year photograph from Toshihiro Tsuchiyama, ex-PT group member


Vicky and Iqbal's degree ceremony


Visit to IIT.Bombay

Toshihiro Tsuchiyama and family

Visit by Suresh Babu, after 9 year absence

Conference, High-Temperature Alloys

Degree award, Chia and Gareth

Degree award, Pedro Eduardo Jose Rivera diaz del Castillo

Chia Too, F. Masuyama, Yanhong Wei, October 2002

Visitors, September 2002

International Squash Event, September 2002

Koichi Kawahara, leaving ceremony, August 2002

International Squash Event, August 2002

Shinigo Yamasaki's leaving party at Chinese restaurant, August 2002

Shinigo Yamasaki's leaving Tea, August 2002

Visit by Professor Rian Dippenaar, August 2002

Visit by Professor Umemoto and son, August 2002

Party at Yaan de Carlan's house, July 2002

hmmmmmmm !

Degree ceremony, July 2002

Pizza party, July 2002

Royal Society of London, 'Nucleation' meeting

Visitors during June 2002

MPG movie showing Thomas in a spin.

MPG movie showing Chia in a spin.

PT-Group silver anniversary party.

Visit by Hiroshi Matsuda.

Visit by Professor T. Y. Hsu.

Vicky Yardley's adventure in Japan

Leaving party for Professors Amitava De and Surya Maita

Lecture by Joe Robson, Aluminium Alloys

ICOMAT 2002 meeting, Finland

ICASS 2002 meeting, Japan

Loughborough Unviersity and Innogy in Cambridge

Chia and Iqbal, smiling following M.Phil. results

Trends in Welding Research

Art by Seraphin de Carlan

Henrikki Pantsar and Prof. Veli Kujanpaa, Lappeeranta University, Finland, visit Cambridge, February 2002

Harsha and Prasanna revisit Cambridge

Harry's trip to Seattle, USA

Harry's trip to India

Strong steel?

Crystalline trees.

Dinner chez Shingo

Shinichi Suzuki and family.


Derek Fray's Departmental Christmas Party, 2001

Winding down for Christmas 2001

Ananth, at the ABB Laboratories in Sweden

Visit by Professor Tadao Watanabe, Tohoku University, December 2001

PT Group Seminar, 29 November 2001

Ken and Maria (+ Kamille) revisiting Cambridge, November 2001

Minimum Wage Lecture, Darwin College, November 2001

Student-Fee protests November 2001

Dave Cole, visiting the Department, November 2001

Fairly random photographs

Visit by Corus staff, November 2001

Ananth and the tensile test, November 2001

Yaan de Carlan and Harry's trip to France, November 2001

Yanhong Wei, juggling, November 2001. The movie is in ASF format and hence requires a Windows Multimedia Player

Toshi's leaving party, August 2001

Golf and the PT-Group

A special tree in Brazil

PT Group picnic and football match

Harry's trip to Brazil, July 2001

Darwin Mens' 2nd Boat, 2001, with Thomas Sourmail:

Spot Thomas Sourmail at the Boat Club Dinner

Jose Maria Ibabe, Beatriz Lopez and Carlos Garcia Mateo, at the Institute of Materials Awards ceremony. Awarded the Vanadium Medal. Picture 1 ~~~ Picture 2

1. Pavel Lemarinier, June 2001~~ 2. Pavel Lemarinier, June 2001 ~~3. Sarennah Longworth, June 2001 ~~ 4. Shafiq Mujahid, June 2001 ~~ 5. Chang Hoon Lee, June 2001 ~~ 6. Welding Electrodes, June 2001 ~~7. More welding Electrodes, June 2001 ~~ 7. Yet more welding Electrodes, June 2001

Expedition to the Greenwich Meridian, May 2001

Tracey Cool revisits Department, May 2001

PT Group punting party, 25 May 2001

Dot Downs' leaving party.

Chandra Shekar and Amitava De in Harry's office

Shafiq Mujahid, in Harry's office: picture 1; picture 2; picture 3;

Postcard from Gareth Hopkin

Project meeting at Siemens, Germany, March 2001 Kloeckner Heinz, Harry Bhadeshia, Dennis Amos, Jim Hutchinson, Roger Conroy, Chris Downs, Janssen Wolfgang. Photograph courtesy of Dennis Amos.

Myriam (ex Departmental Librarian) and her baby. Picture taken by Thomas Sourmail when he visited her in Zurich, March 2001

Hiroshi Matsuda and Philippe Opdenacker's leaving dinner, Anatolia, 15-3-2001, Part II

Chang Hoon Lee, Miguel Angel Yescas Gonzalez and Thomas Sourmail at the Cambridge/Oxford boat race

Gareth Hopkin's leaving party

Dinner at Mika Matsuda's house

Presents for Hiroshi Matsuda

Philippe and Hiroshi's leaving party

Takashi Shimada's leaving ceremony animated pictures, animated pictures of party, and video clip which requires a Windows Multimedia Player. Visit by Takashi's parents: Picture 1, Picture2, Picture 3,Picture 4,

Floods in Cambridge

Photographs of teamwork project presentation, dealing with novel nickel base alloy FT750DC. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 The characters involved include L. Singh, C. McAleese, T. Smeeton, Thomas Sourmail and Miguel Angel Yescas Gonzalez

Thomas Sourmail receiving the Institute of Materials 2001 Award for the Literature Survey Competition


Snowman in Harry's garden

Dave Cole and Stephen Jones. Stephen, an ex-member of the PT-group, visiting Cambridge.

Hugh McQueen and Harry Bhadeshia in the Maxwell Lecture theatre, Old Cavendish Laboratory

Harry Bhadeshia in the Maxwell Lecture theatre, Old Cavendish Laboratory

Sunil Pandey, Mehmet Eroglu, Harry Bhadeshia, and Tahir Khan (right) in the Department Tea Room

Dave Cole, on the day before his Ph.D. examination.

Dorothy, in Christmas spirit, in July! Photograph courtesy of Thomas Sourmail.

Harry, doing an experiment! Photograph courtesy of Thomas Sourmail.

Nick Tyas, before and after his Ph.D., two, three, four, five...

Carlos Mateo: Award Certificate

Franck' s leaving party

Harsha, just before his examination

Sandwich recipe

"Award of Appreciation"

Reflections on lake half way up tryfan in the snowdonia mountain range.
The mountain in the background is called Moel Siabod.
Photograph courtesy of Gareth Hopkin.

21st Riso International Symposium on Recrystallisation

Hot, hot, hot (summer in lab 307)

Thomas Sourmail

Nobu's graduation ceremony

Dinner with Nobuhiro Fujita and family

Tea time in the Department

Picnic in honour of Nobuhiro Fujita (Ph.D., Cantab)

Royal Society Charles Algernon Parsons Memorial Lecture

Harsha and the Cambridge flowers

Celebrating Nobu's success

At Hiroshi's home

Francisca's birthday party

Francisca's Leaving Party

Old Darwinian's Party, Masala Restaurant, Tsukuba, Japan, January 2000

John Street and Ariane Lugan: Leaving Party

Harsha Sree Lalam and Miguel Angel Yescas Gonsalez in Lab. 307

Pascal Jacques' leaving party

Celebrating Professorship

Yoshitaka Adahi, Harry and Carlos Capdevila, Cambridge

Ultrasteel 2000, Japan.

Mostly- Young Metallurgists Conference, Japan.

Cambridge/ MIT Mafia Dinner, Japan.


5th International Conference on the Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena.

Nobuhiro Fujita's relatives visiting Cambridge University

Celebrating Dr Carlos Capdevilla

Shinichi Suzuki (PT group, 1992, now at NKK corporation, Japan)

Professors N. A. Koneva and E. V. Kozlov (Tomsk University, Siberia) with Harry. Top picture in Harry's office, bottom picture Queen's College

Part IIa,b and Part III students, Materials Science and Metallurgy, 1999-2000
Research Students, Materials Science and Metallurgy 1999-2002

Friends of Laboratory 307

Celebrating Franck

Phase Transformations Group Garden Party

Punting on the river Cam

Presentation of "Turbinia" at the conclusion of the LINKWELD project. Top half: Roger Conroy, Bob Hill, Harry. Bottom half: Harry, David Driver and Tracey Cool. Pictures taken in the "Rainbow" vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge.

At Miguel Angel Yescas Gonsalez's house
(Dominique Carrouge, Miguel, Sree Harsha Lalum and Ronan Trevien)

Postcard from Dave Cole, Ireland. (front) ~~~ (back)
Postcard from David MacKay, Lake District. ( front) ~~~ ( back)
Postcard from Philippe Opdenacker, France. (front) ~~~ (back)
Postcard from David Taplin, Singapore. (front) ~~~ (back)

New Year's grettings, Nobuhiro Fujita & Family

Part IIa,b and Part III students, Materials Science and Metallurgy, 1998-1999
Research Students, Materials Science and Metallurgy 1998-2001


Phase Transformations Research Group, 1998

Top Picture: Chunxu Pan and Harry in Atlanta (June '98)
Lower Picture: Nobu, Harry & Fujii in Osaka (Nov '98)

Harry at ICOMAT '98, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Dr Kajiwara and Harry at ICOMAT '98, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Certificate, ICOMAT '98, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Microalloying '98, Naomi Chester, David Crowther, Barry Mintz and Harry, San Sebastien, Basque Country.

Nobuhiro Fujita and Harry, Imperial College (Nobu's last day in U.K.)

Nobu's leaving party (Photograph by Sree Harsha Lalum)

Sree Harsha Lalum and the River Cam

AADC Project Pizza Party, Tsukuba, Japan (Dr Yamabe Mitarai in foreground)
AADC Project Pizza Party, Tsukuba, Japan (Professor Saito, Dr Shiga, Harry)

Cambridge University Office at NRIM, Japan (Matchan, Harry, Dr Hono)

Harry's visit to Nippon Steel Laboratory:
Manabu Takahasi (left), Kazutoshi Ichikawa, **, Dr Yurioka.

PT Group Party, Darwin Island
(a) Philippe, Fiona, Harry, Francisa (b) Francisca, Gareth, Harry, Franck, Mrs Nobu and little one.

Don Quixote and Francisca Garcia Caballero

Gareth hits the headlines! Cambridge Evening News, 16 Oct 1998
Newspaper Article and Picture Cambridge Evening News, 16 Oct 1998

Beaumaris & District Silver Band (Gareth Hopkin 3rd from left, top row)

Baritone section of Cambridge University Brass Band (Gareth Hopkin 3rd from left)

Harry's New Car

Squash Pictures

Francisca, in a scanning mode
Francisca, deep in thought
Shiv and Francisca, pretending to work

Dave Cole (foreground) and Nick Tyas (background) in conference

Mike Lord, inclined
Phillipe Opdenacker (Frenchman, enfant terrible), inclined
Mike Lord, at yet another party

Third International Course on Modelling of Phase Transformations in Steels

Shiv Singh and Suresh Babu at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, USA
Robby Reed and Shiv Singh using a Gleeble, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, USA


Postcard from Tanzania, David MacKay
Postcard from Ken and Maria, Italy
Postcard from Zinedine Zidane!
Postcard from Andrew Strang (back)
Postcard from Andrew Strang (front)

Photographs taken by Harsha Sree Lalum, at Joe Robson's leaving party (chez Nobu):
Joe Robson, Matador impression
Vinay, Fiona, Nobu, Shiv, Harry, Dot
Dave Cole, Sally, Harry, Philippe, Chris, Fiona
Harry, Gareth, Joe
Vinay, Dot, Chris, Harry
Phillipe, Frank, Fiona

Rainbow from Harsha's window

PT Group at "La Coupe du Monde 1998"
Scotland versus Brazil

Coupe du
Monde Peter Brown (Scottish) and Philippe Opdenacker (representing Brazil)
GOLA GOLA GOLA! (Philippe Opdenacker)
Opening Ceremony attended by pt-group member Philippe
Just before the game
Champs Elysees (Philippe Opdenacker)
Floating in air, heaven
Spot the Ball Competition (Mike Lord, Dave Cole, Philippe Opdenacker)

PT Group Crèche

Chloe Shipway (born 1998) and Matthew Shipway (born 2001)
The newborn son of Yuka and Hidetoshi Fujii. He is just a few minutes old, November 2003.
Sam Whittacker (born 2003), at the age of 2 days.
Varsha Babu, the latest member of Suresh Babu's family.
Mako Umezawa, age one year and five months (Nov 2001)
Urmi De
Urmi De
Uzair Shafiq (May 1999) and Awais Shafiq (August 1996)
The Suzuki family, 2001 (Shinichi and Machiko, with Maiko and Risako)
Jack Read, 2001
Eri and Maki Umezawa, 2001
Nobuhiro Fujita's children, 2001
Philippa Sha, daughter of Wei Sha, born December 2000
Charles Anthony Gregg (13 March 1999), Anna Louise Gregg and Marty Gregg
Takumi Masahashi (23 June 1999)
Anisha Suresh Babu (1998)
Anna Louise Gregg (1997)
Jack Read, son of Howard Read
Ryo Masahashi (15 December 1996)

1996, 1997

Group photograph
Typical group meal in a hotel (U. K.)

Joe Robson and Angela Murphy (1997)

Stephen Jones, in library! (1997)

Tree planting in Araxa, Brazil
Tree planting in Araxa, Brazil

Visit to Hoogovens Steel, Holland

Tommy Ichikawa at the Department Open Day



Heat and Surface Treatment Conference, Japan, 1992

Harry Bhadeshia (left), Dr Matsudaira (JRDC), Mrs Matsudaira in calorimetry room (1990)

Marty Gregg (left), Harry Bhadeshia, Nikki Deards, David Widgery (ESAB)
Habbib Ullah, ?? and Terry Gladman (Leeds University) at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Habbib Ullah (left) and Shahriar Sharafi at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Habbib Ullah (left) Akihiro Matsuzaki and Koichi Murakami at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Shafiq Mujahid, smiling, at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Koichi Murakami (left), L. C. Chang, Nikki Deards and Habbib Ullah at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Lydia Vassisleva, in library! (1992)

Hiroshi Harada, watching atoms at Departmental Open Day (1992)

Phase Transformations Group, 1990

Julia Race (left), Shafiq Mujahid and Rachel Thomson receiving Ph.D. degrees (1992)

Achievement (Chou, 1994)

Joe Robson, Howard Reed, Gethin Rees and Harry Bhadeshia at Shinichi Suzuki's house (1994)

Typical group meal in a temple (Japan, 1995)

Our Japan Team (1996)

Laurent Gavard (1996)

Amia (left), Nobuhiro, Ichikawa, Carlos, Harry, Mike, Tracey, Sally, Naomi,
in Departmental Common Room. Sir Alan Cottrell, Gerry Smith, Gary, Nathan and John in background. (1996)

Professor J. W. Christian's retirement meeting photograph (1996)

Group photograph (1996)

Harry Bhadeshia's first trip to Japan, 1989

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